Expand your possibilities. Liberate your lifestyle with the comfort, performance and utility of the new Xpander. Whether driving around town or vacationing with friends and family, its unrivaled practicality will set you free.


Responsive 1.5L MIVEC engine

The spirited 16-valve DOHC engine with advanced MIVEC (Mitsubishi Intelligent & Innovative Valve timing & lift Electronic Control system) puts ample power at your command – more than enough to carry 7 adults up steep mountains with ease. The driving experience is luxurious due to quality construction and comprehensive anti-noise and anti-vibration measures.

A stable, comfortable ride

Stable handling and top-of-class riding comfort are yours thanks to a solidly reinforced suspension with optimally designed high-performanced shock absorbers.

Solid engineering

The Xpander feels solid and well built, because it is. Strategic welding and intelligent reinforcement make the body rigid and lightweight for enhanced performance and comfort.

Easy maneuverability

The Xpander may be spacious, but it handles with the agility of a much smaller vehicle. You can easily make U-turns on city streets and enter the best spots in crowded parking lots.


Quiet and relaxing

The ride is supremely quiet because the passenger compartment is surrounded by special material that effectively absorbs sound and vibration.

RISE body

Collision safety performance is significantly enhanced by Mitsubishi Motors RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, which efficiently absorbs energy and maintains high cabin integrity in the event of collision.

Side impact door beams

All 4 doors are equipped with a support beam that increases passenger protection by helping to reduce door deformation in the event of a side collision.

Pedestrian protection

In a collision with a pedestrian, the points of contact are likely to be the hood for the head and bumper for the legs. Therefore, we built an impact-absorbing structure in the front-end of the vehicle to help minimize injuries.