Ready for action. Bold lines. Flared fenders. A deeply sculpted wedge like an athlete perched to explode from the starting block. The eclipse cross leaves onlookers behind to ponder its steeply raked rear window.


2.0L direct-injection petrol engine

2.0-liter powerhouse uses a lightweight aluminum block for optimum performance as it puts uot 110Kw (150PS) to take control of city streets and open highways alike. MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) technology provides optimal valve timing at both low and high rev ranges, to give the most of every curve and straightaway out there.

Stable handling

Handling is stable, intuitive and predictable. Where you point, the eclipse cross goes with unerring precision and poise thanks to a fine-tuned suspension, responsive steering and supreme body rigidity – reinforced by spot welding, structural adhesives and a standard strut tower bar over the engine. At the same time, all passengers enjoy an extremely comfortable ride on every road wherever you tarvel.


The advanced CVT supports smooth, powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency with new step shift control that creates the satisfying sensation of shifting gears. A new lightweight 6-speed automatic transmission is also available.

Active stability control (ASC)

If wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding.


Hill start assist

When starting on a steep slope, HSA helps prevent you from rolling backwards while you release the brake by maintaining the braking force for up to two seconds until the accelerator is applied.

RISE body

Collision safety performance is significantly enhanced by Mitsubishi Motors RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, which efficiently absorbs energy and maintains high cabin integrity in the evnt of a collision.

ABS with EBD

During hard braking and on slippery roads, the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps prevent wheel lock and maintain steering control. Regardless of passengers number, luggage load, or road conditions, EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) evenly distributes braking force to the rear wheels, adding to overall safety.


Pretensioners on the front seatbelts automatically tighten the belts in the event of a frontal collision to help restrain the driver and front passenger and reduce the force of impact when the front airbags are deployed.