Introducing a powerful and dynamic new look for Mitsubishi Motors SUVs that boldly proclaims incomparable refinement, robustness and road performance. From assertive face to attractive tail, the new OUTLANDER expresses the promise of unparalleled SUV driving pleasure.


ABS with EBD

The OUTLANDER’s ABS gives you the ability to suddenly maneuver safely around obstacles as you slow down. EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) assists by applying additional force to the rear brakes as needed, enabling quicker stops even when carrying passengers and heavy loads.

Active Stability Control

If wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding.

2.4-liter MIVEC

The engine is extremely responsive and fuel efficient even when carrying heavy loads or travelling up mountains.


The new-generation CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) offers smoother, more satisfying response in all driving conditions as well as quicker response during partial acceleration. Reduced friction-induced torque loss contributes to higher fuel economy.


Rear view monitor / camera

The monitor displays lines showing the approximate course of the car as well as a view behind the car.

Electric tailgate

You can raise or lower the tailgate electronically, without exiting the vehicle, by simply pressing a switch near the driver’s seat.

Keyless operation system

While carrying the key, you can press a button on the outside of either front door or the tailgate to lock or unlock all the doors and tailgate, or press the engine switch in the cockpit to start the engine.

Tonneau cover

The cover protects your rear cargo from the sun and prying eyes.

Dual-zone automatic climate control air conditioner

The powerful air conditioning system provides separate temperature settings for the driver and front passenger.