Tough for work, stylish for pleasure. The muscular L200 is built to handle whatever work challenges comes your way. Its ample storage capacity and durability are matched by handsome styling and spacious comfort that your travelling companions will appreciate. Streamlined styling also contributes to class-leading aerodynamics and a smooth, quiet ride


Class leading 5.7m turning radius

The turning radius is surprisingly small for vehicle of its size, making the L200 especially easy to park and manuever.

Hybrid LSD

The hybrid type Limited Slip Differential combines torque-sensing helical gears with speed-sensing viscous coupling to maintain excellent traction on slippery and rugged surfaces. An internal clutch escape mechanism also prevent loss of torque if wheel starts spinning. Hybrid LSD works with ABS to enhance driving safety.

5-speed manual transmission

5 speed transmission is available for those who prefer the feel of control that only a stick shift can give. The smooth lever movement and intuitive placement make shifting easy and confident.

All terrain confidence

Because challenges come in all shapes and sizes, the L200 is designed to climb up, over, around and through the toughest terrain.


Audio system

The L200 now features a display with 6.1-inch full-color touch screen. In addition to giving you full control over a wide range of audio options, the display also links to the rearview camera.

Outstanding aerodynamic performance

The new L200 is streamlined based on advanced computer simulation to slip through the wind with a class-leading 0.42″ cd that lowers noise and raises fuel efficiency while enhancing both acceleration and handling stability.

Wide open spaces

Travel comfortably in the L200 Double Cab, which offers class-leading space and leg-stretching relaxation. Enhanced high-quality seating, including newly designed front seats, raising driving pleasure for all occupants. Strategically placed sound insulation and vibration damping material further contribute to a quiet, comfortable ride. 

Luxurious front seats

Simple yet stylish interior surrounds you and your passengers with quality materials, smooth flowing lines and a seamless fit and finish that conveys quality craftmanship.

Room to spare

The stylish L200 never forgets its true calling. When you’re hard at work, it provides all the space and tough reliability you need. The spacious cargo bed is also solidly reinforced to offer outstanding durability.