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Engine of Profitability
The direct injection 170kW diesel engine delivers high output and flat torque to the smooth-shifting six-speed transmission. Unit fuel injectors and higher boost pressure on the turbocharger ensure complete burning of fuel, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. The oil-lubricated fuel pumps reduce wear, increasing durability.


Aerodynamic Cab Design
Aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance. While increasing fuel efficiency, it also reduces noise, for a quieter, more comfortable drive.

Variable Green Band Indicator
Shows the driver the gear and speed required to minimize fuel consumption.

Intelligent Instrument Cluster
The LED panel makes all vital information easily visible. The Trip Mileage Indicator shows distance traveled, average speed, and fuel consumed.

More Comfortable Cabin Reduces Driver Fatigue
Three-way adjustable seats and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel allow the driver to choose an optimum driving posture. The sleeper cabin includes a bunk where the driver can sleep. The air blower (or optional air conditioning) and rear windows that open for ventilation or close to shut out noise also reduce driver fatigue.

Suspensions with Enhanced Functionality
Parabolic front suspension increases comfort and drivability, while the multi leaf rear suspensions have more and thicker leaves, to last longer and carry heavier loads.

Anti-roll Bars for Greater Safety
Anti-roll bars improve road grip and vehicle stability, especially when cornering or changing lanes at high speed. Front anti-roll bars are standard. Rear anti-roll bars are optional.

Built Extra Rugged for Longer Life and Heavier Loads
The thicker, deeper long members in the FJ chassis are designed to last longer and support heavier loads. The longer, thicker bulges in the cross members add additional strength. Both are shot-penned and powder coated to increase surface strength and prevent corrossion.

Body Application
This Mitsubishi Fuso FA is designed to handle a vast range of cargo applications.

- Mixer (eg. Cement)
- Dump Truck
- Tanker (Water, Sewage and etc)
- Cargo Truck


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