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Fuel-efficient Common Rail Engine
The fuel-efficient, common rail, direct injection engine with four valves per cylinder is designed to deliver ample power and torque while lowering operating costs.

Smooth, Durable Six-speed Transmission
The six-speed (6F, 1R) overdrive transmission combines multiple synchronizer rings and a cable type shift mechanism to make shifting smoother and easier. The large diameter clutch plate and organic clutch material increase durability.


Aerodynamic Cab Design
Aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and lowers fuel cost. It also reduces noise and keeps the cabin quieter.

A Great Place to Work
Fully adjustable seats. A tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. Lined roof and side trim. Added to the smooth-shifting transmission, they reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

Handling Heavy Loads with Ease
Rear suspensions with more and thicker leaves enhance both load capacity and durability. The banjo-type rear axle has been strengthened with a larger crown wheel and larger diameter shaft.

In All of the Twists and Turns
The short turning radius makes it easier to drive on narrow or winding streets.

A more Realiable Frame for Maximum Profitabilility
In this chassis, thicker, full-depth long members add extra toughness to the frame. Shot-peening and powder-coeating increase surface strength and resistance to corrosion.

Body Application
This Mitsubishi Fuso FA is designed to handle a vast range of cargo applications.

- Cargo Truck
- Container Truck
- Refrigeration Truck


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