Based on the “i” minicar’s rear-midship layout platform, “i MiEV” replaces the conventional engine, transmission and fuel tank with a lithium-ion battery system, motor, inverter and other EV components.
The long wheelbase, a feature of rear-midship layout, provides space for high capacity lithium-ion batteries under the floor. It also enables the motor and inverter to be installed in the space that used to house the conventional engine and transmission. “i MiEV” ensures ample cabin space for passengers(4-occupant capacity) and reasonable luggage compartment space in the rear. The installation of batteries under the floor makes the “i MiEV” ’s center of gravity low, which provides a more stable driving dynamic.

EV batteries must have high energy density, and the “i MiEV” utilizes high energy density lithium-ion batteries. A module consists of 4 cells, and 22 modules make one battery pack. Thanks to the structure of the modules, which allows them to be installed in either a vertical or transverse position, each high-capacity battery pack can fit under the floor. With these batteries installed, the target range is 160km (driving pattern: Japan 10-15 mode) for fleet monitoring test vehicles in 2008.

Highly efficient motor can be built smaller than gasoline engine, while still producing high torque at low revolutions. The “i MiEV” ’s small, light weight, highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor provides sportier, quieter driving and power superior to the gasoline “i” ’s turbo charged 660cc engine.

“i MiEV” accepts three types of battery charging systems: The household charger system (100V,200V) for charging at home or a parking lot, and the quick-charger system for speedy charging. With the household charger system, “i MiEV” could be charged from either a 100V or 200V ordinary electric outlet via the household charger plug located on the right side of the vehicle. With the quick-charger system, “i MiEV” could be charged in short time via the quick-charger plug located on the left side of the vehicle.


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